Kanadiske JASON ROUSE er noe av det drøyeste stand up comedy kan levere for øyeblikket!

En av metalverdenens aller morsomste, groveste og forulempende menn står på

Metal Hammer Norway stage Revolver – March 27th at 00:15.

The man with the metal teeth is back in Norway!

We´re  not talking about the James Bond villain called Jaws, but about stand-up comedian wild man Jason Rouse. The man is childish, obscene, tasteless, obnoxious, insulting, hideous, immature and hilariously funny. The Canadian born man is now based in London and traveling the world around doing his gladiator act where he from the first second starts to bash his audience. His humor is just as extreme as his taste in music.

Not only are is teeth made of metal, Jason is also a huge metalfan and among his favorite groups are Slayer, Metallica, The Haunted, At the Gates and Gorgoroth. This has made him known for being «the most metal comedian on the planet». He has made performances for Showtime, HBO, MTV and BBC. And now finally, the man will preformed his act at Inferno Metal Festival. Well, if he can get through customs. Be warned! Jason Rouse is not for the easily offended. His comedy is dark and twisted, and his jokes consists of extremely bad language. And you just may die of laughter.

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